Mindfulness for health and wellbeing

Is a Mindfulness course right for me?

Mindfulness for health and wellbeing run a range of workshops, courses and classes to meet our objective of widening the access to mindfulness practice.

Coming along to a course or workshop you will be supported in learning how to mindfully deal with the stresses and strains of daily living. We will support you in developing the skill and daily practice of deliberately paying attention to what happens in the mind and body. This will enable you to become more familiar with the working of our individual thought patterns and habits. This will help to plan better responds rather than reacting in our old familiar, and often unhelpful, ways.

If you are currently experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood, recurrent depression or feeling generally unhappy or stuck in your life, a mindfulness course could help you develop skills to better respond to the ‘ups and downs’ of everyday living. Previous participants of mindfulness courses say that their course helped them to feel better by living more in present moments. They report less worrying about the past or the future and being kinder to themselves.

Our range of courses are not offered as a treatment for any specific physical or psychological conditions and they may or may not suitable for people who are currently experiencing very severe challenges in these areas. Therefore, we would welcome you contacting us to discuss the suitability of our range of mindfulness course for you at this time.

What will I learn?

“I now realise that ‘thoughts are not facts and do not define me’. The stress they can cause will pass which has been like a lightbulb moment for me”.

We will support you in learning how to deal with the stresses and strains of daily living, in a kinder and more effective way. Practising the skill of deliberately paying attention to what happens in mind and body, you become more familiar with the workings of your own mind. This will enable you to un-learning the negative habits that we can become absorbed with and relearning ways in which you can respond to situations in a more helpful and healthier manner.

You will learn to spot our own ‘warning signs’ sooner and before your stress level becomes overwhelming. You will develop your own strategies to respond better, rather than react, to stressors.

We will offer a combination of guided meditation practices, understanding of our relationship with stress and stressors and mindfulness values and how to benefit from them. Group discussions (there is no expectation to contribute if people would rather not) can enable learning more about ourselves and the tools we can use every day to reduce stress and improve our health and wellbeing. In-between weekly sessions, we encourage some home practice for you to achieve the most benefit from our courses. Ideally, we recommend 30 minutes daily.

Does it work?

Research demonstrates that practising mindfulness has many benefits including the reduction of anxiety, depression and stress and assisting individuals to cope with illness and pain (Khoury et al., 2013). Studies demonstrate that mindfulness increases positive moods and cultivates compassion for self and others (Eberth & Sedlmeier, 2012; Khoury, Sharma, Rush, & Fournier, 2015), improves attention and memory (Chiesa, Calati, & Serretti, 2011) and has measurable effects on the brain (Tang, Holzel, & Posner, 2015).

About the teachers

Our course teachers are fully trained and hold the Mindfulness Practitioner Teacher Training qualification, required by the UK Network of Teacher Training. They meet the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness-Based Teachers, i.e. they are suitably trained, committed to continuous professional development, hold appropriate insurance and are receiving supervision for their teaching.